Over the years, we have learnt that Comfort, Fit and Practicality, are the key elements to consider when we are shopping for our kids.

With the above in mind, we have designed our garments to be versatile enough for home, play and special occasions.

Made with luxuriously soft 100% organic woven cotton, they are as comfy as they are pretty.

And because children are constantly sprouting, we decided that our garments should be cut generous. So, it will take a longer while before your little ones grows out of them…

Ariel Dress

SGD $48.00 SGD $38.00
  • ariel-dress-front ?>

Bubble Romper S18

SGD $41.50SGD $45.50
  • bubble-romper-garden-ramble-back ?>
  • bubble-romper-autumn-front ?>
  • bubble-romper-poppies-font ?>

Butterfly Dress Set

SGD $42.90 SGD $30.00
  • butterfly-set-dancing-vines ?>
  • butterfly-set-drizzle ?>
  • butterfly-set-mistletoe ?>

Georgia Button-down Dress

SGD $50.00 SGD $38.00
  • georgia-fronts-front ?>
  • georgia-iris-front ?>

Imogen Dress

SGD $51.50
  • imogen-camarillo-front ?>

Mary Anning dress

SGD $48.00
  • mary-anningp ?>